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CHRITIFF Year Theme - <Dream High> - Oct 2018

CHRITIFF 1st ever year theme - Dream High!

we are excited to launch our year theme, this year we are going to have the same <Dream High> year theme idea as core inspiration for various lines and products. To share inspirations, love and happiness, forever!


CHRITIFF x Wolf&Badger - Sep 2018

So many has been happening, CHRITIFF proudly teamed-up with Wolf and Badger, UK luxury designers platform in Sep!

CHRITIFF launches Luxury Homme Le Roi Scarves - July 2018

CHRITIFF Luxury Homme Le Roi


Le Roi means the king in french, with great power and maturity to lead his kingdom, the name of CHRITIFF Homme Luxury Scarves.





CHRITIFF x PR-A-PO  20 Apr 2018

Signed in Jan 2018, CHRITIFF has finally launched at PR-A-PO, USA online fashion giant!


Only a few hours we already have 224 Loves on our CHRITIFF Cherry Blossom Twily ;D Thank you for loving CHRITIFF!


More styles are dropping verrrrry soon !!!


CHRITIFF Twilly above:


PR-A-PO website: look for opportunities to create great products that can be used by a multitude of users regardless of age, gender, or ability.

We are a team of passionate designers from all over the world, sourcing all types of cool products.

CHRITIFF is launching Spring 2018 and Valentine's Special Edition Luxury Scarves from Feb-Mar 2018   Jan 2018

CHRITIFF is working with platforms to launch our Spring 2018 and Valentine's Special Edition Luxury Scarves!

In the new collections, we have added more inspiring artistic elements.... which I am not going to reveal here and now xP


So keep an eye on CHRITIFF News and Updates !!!

CHRITIFF x The Clothing Lounge  11 Jan 2018

We excitedly start 2018 with signing new partnership with -U.K. Top Fashion Ecommerce platform!!!

In next months we will be launching CHRITIFF there!



CHRITIFF is now Available on MyMM APP!!  8 Dec 2017

Yes! CHRITIFF is now available on MyMM APP (please read previous post for brief details)!!! Download MyMM app on App store now to get latest promotions!



1st CHRITIFF Private Event  2 Dec 2017

Thank you all for coming! It was a private event to deliver gifts and for those who have not received their CHRITIFF scarf from the Love Sharing Program :)

We had cakes & coffee and connected CHRITIFF Lovers together, announcing 8 Dec 2017 is the CHRITIFF launching date on MyMM (finally), share some updates and had a good time!! ^^


For event photos, please visit our instagram



CHRITIFF 1st Pocket Square Launched  Oct 2017

By demand, CHRITIFF is launching new collection - CHRITIFF Pocket Square for the Gents and Ladies!!!


We will launch this collection slowly and with special limited edition following :)

CHRITIFF x MyMM  Sep 2017

We are very excited to announce CHRITIFF has officially signed and is teaming up with MyMM (China high-end luxury fashion Ecommerce platform formed by Walton Brown, a well-established brand management company that forms part of The Lane Crawford Joyce Group)!

Our target brand launching date will be in November, meanwhile our CHRITIFF team will co-ordinate closely with MyMM Shanghai team for CHRITIFF Store design and product launching :D

Download MyMM from now to keep up with all the promotions and highlights now!!!


CHRITIFF Free Love Sharing Program 6 Aug 2017

CHRITIFF Love Sharing Program was very successful!!


Thank all of the CHRITIFF lovers, we are very proud of the hectic reactions from you all and we saw how much we are being loved! Most CHRITIFF Lovers choose their favourite scarves from our Autumn Winter Collection, we are very happy that we have moved to a good direction!


We appreciated all of the advices and comments on improvements too, we work hard and strive everyday to improve as much as we can!! ;)


CHRITIFF Autumn Winter 2017 Collection

We are proudly launching our new Autumn Winter 2017 Collection!!


In this collection, we have added more elements to our designs, there are several themes, stories revealing and with new CHRITIFF characters. We also tended to use vibrant colors on our new designs, so we all do not need to stay in the dark tone in Winter..!!! We hope our CHRITIFF Lovers like our new direction ;D


We have also made a little video on how we test the colors, for fun!


We are going to launch them in different time during the season before and will finish launching the collection in October, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, see how many themes you have found?? 


Do you know CHRITIFF is everywhere?  27 Jul 2017

Yes, even tho we are still working on updating on every platform, we have our account everywhere.

Facebook: CHRITIFF

Instagram: chritiff.official

Youtube: CHRITIFF Limited


Twitter: CHRITIFFScarves

Linkedin: CHRITIFF Limited

WHub: CHRITIFF Limited



Now suggest us by email where should we register more account on which popular platform so we can keep up with the trend ;P !!!!




CHRITIFF is on Youtube!  25 Jun 2017

On 25 Jun, we did more works on photos shooting and tried to make interesting video, everything were for fun but turned out not too bad!! 


It is our final version of video on the right hand side, which is on our youtube channel CHRITIFF


We've continually launched more Spring Summer 2017 designs, as well as new collection for the season.

First CHRITIFF Skinny Slimmy Collection was launched in the same month.




CHRITIFF available at  10 Feb 2017


Prepared for months, CHRITIFF was officially launched in Feb 2017 with joy! This is Logo we used to set CHRITIFF up, we have designed our cards (original versions will not be disclosed unless those who have our first few stages designs haha!), and for sure our elegant gift box for our lovely CHRITIFF lovers!!


We also launched our first ever CHRITIFF luxury silk scarves Spring Summer 2017 collection online at!!